Terms and Conditions of Use

We are pleased to offer discounted Snow Peak products to Industry Professionals and Authorized Snow Peak Retail Store Employees. We offer this program to you as an incentive to use our products and pass your experience with Snow Peak on to the public. In return for the privilege of using this program, we ask that the following requirements are met. 

Industry Professionals includes those that work in the industry including other brands and professional athletes. This does not include Government Agencies.

First you will need to register for a standard customer account on our website. 

Second to get this account approved for prodeal pricing, verification of employment must be emailed to: prodeal@snowpeak.com or faxed to 503-699-1396.


Acceptable forms of verification include:

• letter from your Supervisor on company letterhead

• personal business card

• catalog or personal advertisement listing your name; pay stub (please black out $ and social security information)

• a letter from your HR department or director of the program reflecting full- time employment and job description

 Once this verification is received your account will be updated to prodeal pricing.  Our prodeal pricing offers prodeal customers a standard 40% discount off all product purchases.


The following rules apply to all Snow Peak ProDeal members:

• Retail Store Employees: You must provide your organization’s name and address. 

• Orders can only be shipped to your employer's location. 

• Product feedback is your responsibility. Pro and Employee accounts not participating in feedback surveys may be terminated. Snow Peak will communicate with Pro’s/Employees via email on a semi-regular basis. Keep your email address current. Accounts with e-mails returned as undeliverable will be closed.

• Purchases are intended for personal use only; no ordering for friends, relatives or pets.

• Do not mention your Snow Peak Pro Purchase status in any store that carries our products.

• If clients or friends ask you about Snow Peak, please refer them to our website www.snowpeak.com or to the stores that carry our product in your area.

• All pro and employee orders must be shipped to the business address only. No orders will be shipped to personal addresses or PO Boxes!!! Those qualifying as properly certified association members may ship to the residential address in their profile.

• All sales are final. Please order carefully as we cannot accept returns/exchanges unless the product is defective.

• Purchases must be made with credit card only. We do not accept cash, moneyorders or checks.

• Your Pro Purchase privileges need to be renewed annually.

• Prices are subject to change without notice.

• Please allow 5-10 business days for order processing.

• Shipments will only be made within the USA or to employees that work for Canadian Snow Peak Dealers.

• Snow Peak reserves the right to change the terms and conditions governing this program at any time at our discretion.

• Product training may be required to receive discounted product when applying for the first time and when renewing your membership in the program.

• This business agreement gives Snow Peak the right to terminate you at any time.  Prodeal customers must reapply for prodeal status on a yearly basis on January 1st of each calendar year.

• Each year you may purchase up to 3 stoves, 2 mugs, 2 cookware sets, and 8 accessories. Due to stock or availability some orders may be limited to just one per item.

• Due to the small size of our company we cannot support questions about availability & pro deal application status via phone support or email.  Calling or emailing to check on the status of an order or the status of your prodeal application may result in an automatic removal from our ProDeal Program.