After all the hard work setting up camp and getting the fire roaring, it's time for some food and drink. The IGT table is a modular table, so you can add side-tables and swap out panels for bbq boxes - it's all in your hands to customise. Our super lightweight titanium mugs and cups are great for raising a toast before digging in.

  • Entry IGT Table
  • Single BBQ Box
  • Lounge Charcoal Stove
  • MY Plate
  • Silver White Metallic Red
    Kanpai Bottle 350ml
  • Green Blue Purple
    Titanium Double Wall 450 Coloured Mug
  • Titanium Single Wall 600 Mug
  • Titanium Backpackers Cup
  • Stainless Water Jug
  • BBQ tongs
  • Fire Tongs
  • Wabuki Chopsticks