Japanese-designed technical garments that prioritise functionality and enable the wearer to seamlessly transition between urban and natural environments.

  • Black Grey Khaki Brown
    FR 2L Down Long Pullover
  • Black Grey Brown
    Flexible Insulated Henley Pullover
  • Charcoal Brown Mustard
    Shetland Wool Knit Crewneck Pullover
  • Black Grey Brown
    Stretch 2L Warm Pullover
  • Black Olive Marl Grey
    Pe/Wo Grid Pullover
  • Black Brown
    Camping Flannel Utility Pullover
  • Indigo Black Ecru
    TAKIBI Light Denim Utility Pullover
  • Black Khaki Ice Grey
    Thermal Boa Fleece Pullover
  • Black Grey
    WHOLEGARMENT® Stretch Knit Pullover
  • Black Grey Brown
    Nylon Power Wool Pullover